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Why Vata Dosha Yoga Is Important During Pregnancy?

Today we will learn about the significance of yoga poses for Vata dosha. Vata is an important factor of anybody. It rules the brain which eventually controls the body movements and other activities. This post is actually about Vata yoga but it directly concerns prenatal. Read the first two lines...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 03 Apr,2017

Benefits of Yoga For Kids With Special Needs

Kids can be really overactive during their fun time. Have you ever noticed that how easily they stretch their body parts and how flexible they are? At their age it is better to indulge them into some healthy activity which stays with them till their lifetime. Nothing else on this...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 09 Jan,2017

Enroll Yourself For The Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in The World

Nothing can give you the best yoga teacher training but your self-determination. Though you can always have a good teacher to train you, but how to do that? How will you find a good teacher? Well, that should not be tough at all. These days every city in India has...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 13 Dec,2016

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