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On the pathway of your breath maintain Awareness in the space
between breathing in and breathing out. This is internal asana

Netra Tantra

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Awaken your potential
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Welcome to Kashmir Shaivism school of yoga a space for self-discovery where the wisdom of ancient practices and the pulse of vibration open the path for self realization. Experience and embrace the journey within. Your pilgrimage begins here.

Knee & shoulder therapeutic applications of restorative yoga ttc & kashmir Shaivism philosophy

Metabolic conditions & gut health yoga teacher training module 

training module and Kashmir shaivism philosophy 


Yoga teacher Training Courses

RCYS yoga alliance accredited 



Learning about Shaivism has enhanced my views on everything and every experience , I feel more joy, less suppression, more expression in life. Spiritually I have felt the most growth in this aspect . I learn so many things from this course. Being discipline, devotion to waking up early! It feels amazing to rise with the sun and start the day with the kind of positivity you have shown us, words cannot describe the truly inspiring soulful lessons I have learned here. You have taught not only lessons on alignment and postures, but most importantly how to truly love the life we live. This is a quality that not every yoga teacher training program provides. Thank you for this Incredible experience – Much Love-

Embark on a path of self-discovery





Let the transformative yoga journey begins

Our practice extends beyond the confines of the mat, resonating with the rhythm of the natural world. At the heart of our offerings lies a profound commitment to soul education

Yoga programs weaving the tapestry of a harmonious and awakened existence.

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