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18 March to 11 April ( livestream / online ) time : 11: 45 am to 12:45 pm - India GMT + 5.5

13 may to 10 June ( in person in India ) time : 10: 00 am to 11:00 am

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In person and online

We offer currently Kashmir Shaivism studies and yoga philosophy within the yoga training programs which is the essence behind our courses and daily meditations 

If you are drawn solely to the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism this program is for you  

24 hours

  • Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra studies and practice of this revered scripture that unveils the path to spiritual realization.
  • Exploration of Fundamentals: Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of Kashmir Shaivism, including the concepts of Spanda (divine pulsation), Shakti (divine energy), and the nature of consciousness .Explore how these teachings can be applied to enrich your spiritual practice and daily life.
  • Stories and Acharyas: Discover the colorful narratives and wisdom of the great acharyas (masters) of Kashmir Shaivism. Through engaging storytelling and discussions, you’ll uncover the insights and experiences of these revered figures, offering inspiration and guidance on the spiritual path.
  • Cultural Background: Delve into the cultural backdrop of Kashmir Shaivism, understanding its historical context and significance within the broader landscape of Indian spirituality. Through cultural immersion activities and satsangs (spiritual gatherings), you’ll deepen your appreciation for this ancient tradition and its relevance in the modern world.
  • Satsang and Q&A Sessions: Engage in meaningful sat sang where you can connect with fellow seekers and share insights, experiences, and questions. Our interactive Q&A sessions provide a supportive space for clarifying doubts, receiving guidance, and fostering a sense of community on the spiritual journey



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Kashmir shaivism school of yoga

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Days of meetings:

Meeting one hour daily during the duration of the programs

The Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga, was founded by Kashmiri Pandit yoga acharyas native to the valley of Kashmir. The name of our school pays homage to the roots of our acharyas and the practice of non-dual Shaivism integrated into our daily lives. While we also offer further studies in various aspects of yogic sciences such as hatha yoga, this philosophy sessions focus on Kashmir Shaivism.

Meditation with Amit Ji

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