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Yoga & menstrual cycle

The significance of yoga for feminine cycle .

The menstrual cycle remind us of the intrinsic connection between women and nature it ebbs
and waves with the lunar cycle , the moon represent femininity and flow . The lunar cycle is
approximately 29.5 days coinciding with the average length of most ovulating women A lot of
changes occur during the female cycle with hormonal variations and changes on temperature
which reveal the inner seasons which women experiences

In modern life women go through a lot of stress and their emotional, creative, mental and
physical energies are forced into a structure that is far from the natural pattern of the female
cycle. When we notice the changes and adjust our lives to live in harmony with the energy of
our cycle, we have the opportunity to be creative and use this force for good in our lives.

Our organs capture our emotions.

Navigating the female cycle is of special importance if we want to understand our emotions and the relationship with our body, if you have any disorder in your female cycle and you are looking to get back in synch with nature rhythms we offer now a new program 100% online which is a special opportunity to practice share and learn.

Where to join a course in yoga for menstrual cycle ?

at @schoolofyogaks which includes :

v Comprehensive Sadhana & ayurveda

v ancestral medicine (herbal work)

v guides pdf 

v sacred geometry

v Study group

v breathing and movement

-meetings once a week

Duration: 15 hours (3 hrs per session)

*Yacep – yoga alliance continuous education for yoga teachers & for those interested in self-car


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