Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga



Kashmir Shaivism is a way of Sadhana; is the study of consciousness which emphasizes realizing
and experiencing the supreme truth in the context of one’s own life. Through contemplation,
meditation and practice become subtle that we experience that Shiva, consciousness, is
everywhere. Kashmir Shaivism is a path of enlightenment that provides yogic techniques designed
to expand awareness; it is a practical system that has emphasized on direct realization of its truth
apprehended through direct experience.

Movement that came into existence as world embracing and nor world denying
The individual soul is embodied and bound to the world of name and form, and also liberated
from the bondage of the world and united with supreme consciousness through her grace.

Tanoti: expansion
Trayati: Liberation

Is the science of expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy, it also means
technique. Tantra means a rule, a teaching or a technical system is root meaning is to master
or harness, therefore it teaches the seeker not to suppress the forces of reality but to master
and harness them. Is a way to attain freedom from the bondage of the world while still living in it


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