Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

Pre/postnatal yogattc and female health in Spain

Training retreat

Date and time

1 to 7 july 2024


Hospedería del silencio , Sierra de gredos

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Paraje de las Cañadas, S/N , Robledillo de la Vera , 10493 España

Note: retreat format training 48 hours in person 

+ 27 hours post retreat online meetings twice at month : 7 & 21 September , 5 and 19 October , 2, 16 and 30 November and 14 & 21 December 

+ 10 hrs of sadhana practice for leading classes and questionnaires 

85 hours program

The training offers a comprehensive focus on Yoga for pregnant women, Pre and Post Natal, menstrual cycle, menopause and ancestral wisdom. The combination of Iyengar Yoga, Restorative Yoga, traditional tantric philosophy and ancestral wisdom allows for a deep study of female health .

The training provides certification to accompany women in all stages of their pregnancy and thoroughly understands Restorative Yoga, focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Featured Topics:

-Philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and Traditional Tantra.

-Anatomy and physical and energetic physiology 

-Breathing and pranayama techniques for pregnancy and childbirth.

-Connection with nature and lunar cycles.

Perinatal losses, grief, stories and feminine archetypes.

-Menopause and connection to the earth.

-Cacao circle for the heart

-pre-birth ceremony.

-Essential herbs and nutrition during pregnancy.

-Creating awareness in birth options.

-Restorative Yoga and its application for women.

-Detailed use of props for different female cycles.

-Therapeutic asanas and their application.

-Yoga for the pelvic floor and postpartum.

-Preparation techniques with medicinal plants and massages.

-Kashmir Shaivism meditations and mantras for pregnancy.

-Connection with Mother Earth and pre-birth ceremonies

Prices and dates
The modules can be carried out independently. Each module grants Continuing Education hours certified by the Yoga Alliance. At the end of both formats retreats, the students are trained to teach yoga classes for pregnant women.

Module I – Training retreat format:

Date: July 1-7, 2024.
Location: Hospedería del Silencio, Sierra de Gredos.
Duration: 48 hrs 
Price: 1600 euros
Reservation: 200 euros.

Module II – Online Format:

Location: online format via zoom.
Duration: 27 livestream + 10 online 
Price: 790 euros
Reservation: 200 euros.
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information. We hope to have you in this enriching training!


Event Organizer

Matrika yoga

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contact in Spanish namaskarmatrikayoga@gmail.com or complete the form provided. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with more details

What will you have learned at the end of the training? -What is restorative yoga, particularities and what is its application in working with women -The detailed management of the use of props (bricks, kuruntas, belts, cushions, chairs) in a clear and precise way for the different cycles of the woman. -Asanas and postures (standing, sitting, lying, lateral, inversions and their care) and their therapeutic use -Yoga for the pelvic floor, Tools and techniques from ancient traditions during the postpartum period -Understand the importance of a detailed and conscious yoga practice for the anatomical and energetic benefit of women. -Techniques and practices for preparing remedies with medicinal plants, postures and massages for childbirth and postpartum, awareness of touch Breathing and pranayama, techniques during pregnancy and childbirth -Anatomy and physical physiology and Energetics from yoga. -Kashmir Shaivism meditations and mantras for pregnancy. -Carnatic song for birth -Understanding and synchronization with the lunar cycle, menstrual practices, -menstrual education -Gestational environment -Teaching women a therapeutic procedure in structural alignment for pregnancy Yoga for fertility -Placental wisdom -Learn the correct body alignment in -adjustments during pregnancy Perinatal grief -Stories and archetypes in female cycles -Connect with mother earth. -Creation of a pre-birth ceremony and art therapy. -Essential herbs and nutrition for pregnancy and the postpartum cycle. Anatomy, physiology and hormonal changes during pregnancy/childbirth and postpartum. -Creating awareness of birth options and possibilities



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