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Why Vata Dosha Yoga Is Important During Pregnancy?

Vata is an important factor of any body. It rules the brain which eventually controls the body movements and other activities. You can join one good prenatal vata dosha yoga class to ensure your mind and body functioning perfectly.



Why Vata Dosha Yoga Is Important During Pregnancy?

Today we will learn about the significance of yoga poses for Vata dosha.

Vata is an important factor of anybody. It rules the brain which eventually controls the body movements and other activities. This post is actually about Vata yoga but it directly concerns prenatal. Read the first two lines and you will get the answer. How often some women felt low, anxiety, and emotional during the pregnancy? You really cannot do anything about it, they happen naturally. As probably their tendency is to be vaya type. But there are certain things that need to be in balance, like, proper blood circulation, waste elimination, breathing and positive thoughts. You can definitely manage them by following Yoga for Vata dosha.

During pregnancy during second and third-trimester women gain weight, but still, there are so many women who start losing weight and their skin instead of glowing become dry and pale. To overcome this situation you must start doing Yoga. If you are one of these women then you need to focus on the following terms as are related with Vata like Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana, Vyana. You do not need to learn a lot about them, just their meaning and significance; also you can join one good prenatal Vata dosha yoga class to ensure your mind and body functioning perfectly.

➢ Prana keeps your senses in control
➢ Udana controls your movement of thoughts
➢ Samana controls digestive system
➢ Apana manages waste elimination
➢ Vyana is for good blood circulation, healthy heart

Where to join classes for yoga Vata dosha?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training For Vata Dosha

When it comes to Prenatal Yoga, one must not take a risk. And there is only one name which comes to mind for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training -Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga. With teachers who have experience and holistic approach. They have learned yoga from masters of spiritual science and ascetic discipline as well from birth professionals. To know more, visit their website, http://ksschoolofyoga.com/prenatal-yttc/


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  • Date: 03 Apr,2017

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