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These 5 Benefits Will Tell You What Yoga is all about? what does Asana means?

You cannot find a definition of what is yoga anywhere unless you grasp it and live it. There are few things in the world which have no definition, in fact, they need to be experienced to understand them better. If you feel to start basic yoga right from today then...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 25 Oct,2016

How To Be A Certified Yoga Instructor?

While India is developing as nation, people are still saving their roots and sharing their culture across the globe, the seeds of yoga are spreading each day more and more, and around the world there is an awakening towards this millenary science for reasons as: − Stay in shape and...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 18 Oct,2016

Are You Ready To Become A Responsible Yoga Trainer

Before we move ahead on "How to teach yoga" understand that if you are teaching your students Yoga just to shape their bodies, this is just the peak of the iceberg  . I will tell you my story that “how I became a yoga teacher”? My students keep asking me...Read More

  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: Blog
  • Date: 03 Oct,2016

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