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Abhinavagupta called as mahamahesvara which precisely means the great devotee of Shiva or supreme self in shaivistic tradition. Was one of the most outstanding Acharyas of Shiva Philosophy. He lived in Kashmir about the end of 10 and the beginning of 11 Centuries, according to the references about him in Sri Tantralokah and Paratrimshika Vivarana, The traditional believe amongst Kashmiri Pandits is that Abhinavagupta was a living Bhairava ( Enlighten one) in the human form

Abhinavagupta has develop the idea that freedom for all miseries can be obtained by seeing Paramashiva in Everything and Everywhere, this freedom can not be achieved by renunciation of the world, the battle between Pandvas and Kaurvas ( bhagavad Gita) is actually the race between Vidya ( Knowledge) and Avidya ( Ignorance)

Abhinavagupta affirms the existence of the present and treats it not as a means but as an end itself. Living in the present, taking life as it comes, taming it by the strength of perception and cognition is a sound prescription for the strife- torn world even at present, when its restiveness can easily be converted into quiet calm of super soul.


  • Author: Amit Raina (Om Ji)
  • Category: blog1
  • Date: 29 Feb,2016

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