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How to Apply

  • Please go through the eligibility criteria below:- The course is conducted in English (Spanish translation is available)
  • Inform us if you are going through a Medical treatment
  • You may fill the form Online Free.

Fill application form

 Married Unmarried

In case the online form does not work, please click here to download the form and send us to


Terms & Conditions

I hereby confirm that I understand that the training program is of intense nature and will be challenging. I declare that I have disclosed on this form all relevant details and by submitting these details to KSSOY I take full responsibility for myself in attending the course
Students leaving the course before completion are required to return all their teaching materials.

Respect for all is requested :

I assume responsibility for my personal property and myself.
I have gone through the instructions. I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga
The completion of this application form serves to know if you are eligible to attend the TTC. Acceptation of your application form does not confirm your participation; only payment of the course fee can do that. Places are given on eligibility and on first paid served basis


What is the payment method accepted?

Bank Transfer, Paypal or cash. Bank charges  transaction are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees. regarding the transaction fee for paypal users, school will request 18us more in addition to the registration fees, the reason is that  Paypal deducts from the school the transaction which in turn school needs to request reciprocally to the student

What happens to my payment if due to some reason i am not able to attend the YTTC ? If a student withdraws from the TTC before the training commences under any circumstances, 300$ is a non-refundable fee and non transferable. The totality of your payment  could be used for a next TTC with the approval of the KSSOY Director. once course has started fees are non refundable

When should i pay the remaining fee?

  • one day before course starts
  • students that are not applying for early birds discount can pay the whole fee one day before course starts
  • for the service we provide people without  payment booking registration will not be allow to join the course neither will received material
Location and Course Dates Early Special Price Price Price with Accommodation Price
Goa- Arambol - Prenatal YTTC 13 Feb-26 Feb 2017 US$ 900 US$ 1100 Na
Dharamshala ( 200 Hours YTTC) 5 April - 2 May 2017 US$ 1200 US$ 1400 NA
Dharamshala (Prenatal & Postnatal) 3 May- 13 May 2017 US$ 900 US$ 1100 NA
Dharamshala (200 Hrs) this course will include sunday 14 May - 4 June 2017 US$ 1200 US$ 1400 US$ 1500
Dharamshala ( 200 Hrs) 18 september- 14 October 2017 US$ 1200 US$ 1400 NA
Goa- Arambol ( 200 Hrs) 2 December to 28 December 2017 US$ 1200 US$ 1400 N
Goa- Arambol ( 300 Hrs- 2 level) 3 January to 6 February 2018 US$ 1700 US$ 1900 N
Goa - Arambol Kids Yoga TTC ( Toddler, Mama & baby, Teens) 10 February to 21 February 2018 US$ 630 US$ 750 N
Goa- Arambol ( Prenatal & Postnatal ) 26 February- 10 March 2018 US$ 900 US$ 1100 N