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03 Apr,2017

Why Vata Dosha Yoga Is Important During Pregnancy?

Today we will learn about the significance of yoga poses for Vata dosha.

Vata is an important factor of anybody. It rules the brain which eventually controls the body movements and other activities. This post is actually about Vata yoga but it directly concerns prenatal. Read the first two lines and you will get the answer. How often some women felt low, anxiety, and emotional during the pregnancy? You really cannot do anything about it, they happen naturally. As probably their tendency is to be vaya type. But there are certain things that need to be in balance, like, proper blood circulation, waste elimination, breathing and positive thoughts. You can definitely manage them by following Yoga for Vata dosha.

During pregnancy during second and third-trimester women gain weight, but still, there are so many women who start losing weight and their skin instead of glowing become dry and pale. To overcome this situation you must start doing Yoga. If you are one of these women then you need to focus on the following terms as are related with Vata like Prana, Udana, Samana, Apana, Vyana. You do not need to learn a lot about them, just their meaning and significance; also you can join one good prenatal Vata dosha yoga class to ensure your mind and body functioning perfectly.

➢ Prana keeps your senses in control
➢ Udana controls your movement of thoughts
➢ Samana controls digestive system
➢ Apana manages waste elimination
➢ Vyana is for good blood circulation, healthy heart

Where to join classes for yoga Vata dosha?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training For Vata Dosha

When it comes to Prenatal Yoga, one must not take a risk. And there is only one name which comes to mind for Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training -Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga. With teachers who have experience and holistic approach. They have learned yoga from masters of spiritual science and ascetic discipline as well from birth professionals. To know more, visit their website, http://ksschoolofyoga.com/prenatal-yttc/


09 Jan,2017

Benefits of Yoga For Kids With Special Needs

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Kids can be really overactive during their fun time. Have you ever noticed that how easily they stretch their body parts and how flexible they are? At their age it is better to indulge them into some healthy activity which stays with them till their lifetime. Nothing else on this earth is important but health and yoga is the best way to avoid all types of health related problems.

There are many institutes in India running special Yoga classes for kids.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

1. When your kids grow older it becomes very tough to teach them benefits of workout. They hardly listen. It is better to indulge them into this activity from very young age. It gives them sense of body awareness.

2. The solution to any health issue lies in your body only, if your kid knows that from the very early age, it’s good. They will know how to handle health problems when they are alone, such as, breathing problem, body pain, etc.

3. Any parent on this earth want their kid to learn the skill of concentration. And Yoga teaches that. It increases the concentration power which leads kid to a happier and successful life.

4. Confidence is what that takes you to the another level. A person with self confidence can win any game. It also teaches your kid to learn the importance of losing and stay positive.

5. The best thing it teaches your kid is self discipline. Half of the upbringing tension is solved when your kid is disciplined.

Yoga For Children With Special Needs:

Yoga For Children With Special Needs

Apart from teaching kids yoga benefit, prepare them for the worst;

1. Breathing problem is a very common issues these days with kids. They cannot handle pollution, dirt and dust. It is very important to make a healthy respiratory system.

2. Concentration in kids is very much required in this competitive world. Child with ficus will learn to handle various challenges.

3. We believe all children are hyperactive which is not true. They are just active, but there are really some children who are hyperactive and cannot sit for a minute. Yoga is the best way to make them calm. Through meditation they can learn this.

A tip for the parents also, please join the classes with your kids to ensure they feel motivated and learn that their parents are also aware of the importance. If you are not fit your kid will never learn the importance of staying fit.

Why Kashmir Shaivism School For Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

KS School of Yoga is most respected name in yoga teacher training for kids. They have pupils from all around the world. People across the globe specially visit India to learn Yoga from here. On their website you can find Yoga classes chart and pick suitable location for the session. They run below.

  • Parent yoga session
  • Teacher training program
  • Kids Yoga training program

To know more please visit their website, http://ksschoolofyoga.com/baby-kids-teens-yttc


13 Dec,2016

Enroll Yourself For The Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in The World

Nothing can give you the best yoga teacher training but your self-determination. Though you can always have a good teacher to train you, but how to do that? How will you find a good teacher? Well, that should not be tough at all. These days every city in India has a Yoga class running, one can easily join it and after a few sessions, one can stay in self-complacent that he or she can teach yoga. Well, that is what you are planning then god bless you.

The actual Yoga experts who have to roam all around the globe to share their learnings took rich years to understand the yoga. Their yoga sessions are far different than the expectations.

“A few years ago I visited here for a while and joined Yoga sessions. When I got back to my country I could not keep myself far from the Yoga. I started practicing it daily and gradually realized that I have not learned enough. I am here again and taking proper training”-said one of the students at Kashmir Shaivism School of yoga.

Kashmir Shaivism School has the following programs running to enroll yoga enthusiastic from across the globe. Best yoga teacher training programs includes following Levels and courses.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India by Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

Level One Program. It is a 4-week program which includes introduction to yoga and its methods, teaching methodologies, introduction to energy anatomy and certification. To know more about this program, visit this link, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India by Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

Level Two Program. To pursue this program it is recommended to clear and receive the Level One certificate. According to the Amit Raina (Om Ji), “For the students who have not completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Training, or registered with YA, you will receive a graduation certificate from KSSOY upon completion of this training, but you will not be able to register with Yoga Alliance”. Visit for 300 hour yoga teacher training India to learn the objectives of Level Two training.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training India

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training India by Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

It is an 85 hours course, designed for pregnant mothers. It is an advance training needs proper guidance throughout the training. In this you will be watching lead trainers and training the students under their supervision. To know more what you will learn at the end of the course, visit this link, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training India

Kids Yoga

Baby, Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher Training by Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

It is said that good habits mounted in kids in their child hood builds a strong foundation for their future. In this 10 day curriculum teachers will help you understand why parents should also be a part of this program. Also, students will have to teach for 30 hours to a kid’s yoga to register as Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers. To know more about this training, visit, Baby, Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Why Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga?

Why Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga?

Yoga is not limited to a few positions and methods. It is a vast field in itself if someone really wants to become the master of this. To enroll in the best yoga teacher training programs in the world you must boost the light of determination in your heart, because these above mentioned programs may take a few hours and days, but the methods you learnt in Kashmir Shaivism School of yoga cannot be compared with the another yoga class in the city. After all, masters teaching you here are not just another teacher, but disciples of shaivite masters.

You will not just learn the yoga postures but also learn their meaning and benefits. Experts with 40 years of experience will be teaching you the meaning of every yoga posture which will help you in guiding your forthcoming students.

Anyone can enroll for the Yoga programs. Visit the website http://ksschoolofyoga.com/home/kashmir-shaivism-school-of-yoga/ to learn about the upcoming session happening in your city and area.


25 Oct,2016

These 5 Benefits Will Tell You What Yoga is all about? what does Asana means?

You cannot find a definition of what is yoga anywhere unless you grasp it and live it. There are few things in the world which have no definition, in fact, they need to be experienced to understand them better. If you feel to start basic yoga right from today then go for Yogasana.


What is yoga and its benefits?

According to Yoga Vashista ” yoga is a conscious process of calming down the mind” There are many benefits of practicing yoga, and I am listing a few of them;

1. It increases endurance and flexibility in your body. I have seen people who hold their back after pulling any heavy object. People mere in their early 30s cannot pull heavy objects and keep them on the shelf. If they do this, their body will start aching. It is still not too late. Start yoga with a teacher or at home. There are many resources available.

2. You cannot get a perfect shape by just dieting or running. Running is good to lose weight, indeed, but what about toning. With yoga, you can tone your body. While performing it the muscles work in polarities and body comes in tone. Tone refers to the capacity of a muscle to respond.

3. You do not realize how much harmful environment pollution is for your liver , heart and lungs. It includes cigarette smoking, industrial smoke, junk food ,chemicals etc. By doing yoga you can make your respiratory system better, and increase vitality. In day to day life, a person needs to stay energised . Doing yoga early morning before leaving for office will boost you from inside and keep your energized all day.

4. Connection with yourself, reconnecting with your own body, mind, emotions, and spirit is the key to live a healthy and harmonious life, having space to nurture all the bodies and overall, mastering your mind emotions  do not allowing them to rule you, coming out of “Dukha” “suffering”  is all about yoga.

5.  For a human to live longer and healthier balanced metabolisms is a must. What about doing yoga? Well, it treats you from inside and makes your organs work perfectly. one of the biggest concern in many countries is overweight linked to heart disease and cholesterol. A few say they cannot live without food and dieting is not their cup of tea, where some do not want to go out and run or do cardio. Well, you can do Yoga and the more you will practice , more you will understand that the old habits do not fit anymore in your life and one day the will leave you .

What is Yogasana?

According to the Indian sage, Patanjali The definition of Asana is ” Sthiram Sukham Asanam” referring to that posture that is firm and steady. In Kashmir Shaivism is referred as the seat of Awareness. nowadays people even practice via the internet . But I would personally recommend getting an experienced teacher because it is about your wellbeing, including not only the body tissues but as well the human connection, and having a guide in the path  .  because alone at some point, you feel to leave the practice incomplete but the teachers will boost you and help you complete it. By getting guide under them for a while will bring a complete change in your life. You will see.

Lately, you must have noticed the increased popularity of yoga where even now celebrities, politicians and sports teams , are regularly practicing and also motivating the world about it. yoga gives you happiness from inside. It is the best mode to rejuvenate yourself.

Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga Conducts a Variety of Yoga Programs.

Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga

In KSSOY the Asanas are being taught by certified Iyengar Yoga teachers who specialize in detailed alignment in each and every asana and in therapeutic elements. Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga conducts a yoga teacher training in India and Internationally with the variety of yoga programs.

To know about Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga and upcoming yoga sessions visit this link; http://ksschoolofyoga.com/home/about/


18 Oct,2016

How To Be A Certified Yoga Instructor?

While India is developing as nation, people are still saving their roots and sharing their culture across the globe, the seeds of yoga are spreading each day more and more, and around the world there is an awakening towards this millenary science for reasons as:

− Stay in shape and to be flexible physically and mentally
− Stay healthy
− For Peace of mind
−  To Learn to teach

The last point is a certified program which trainee has to finish to become a registered trainer.A yoga training is a complete cultural experience in this land.

How to Become Certified Yoga Instructor?

Enrolling for yoga sessions is not a big deal, the big deal is to keep practicing it with the determination and not drop your passion for learning it. Here what you can do. Becoming a teacher is not that easy at all. If you want to be a certified yoga instructor, then join one of the best yoga training programs in India. It does not matter if you have to leave your home for a month or two.

Start with the basics. The secret of complex postures in yoga is hidden inside the basics. Practice makes a man perfect, we all know this. So be a master in basics first. There are yoga students who keep practicing yoga for 8 hours daily. They take intervals and start again and keep doing it. This is what we call determination. When you are learning under experts you will learn the true meaning of yoga not only the physical aspect but the anatomical understanding, the philosophical approach the holistic science, the tradition and most important the journey of self-discovery.

Now meanwhile, ask yourself this,

− Where do I want to teach yoga?
− Who I will be teaching?
– My first student is myself so. First I must study and practice before leading others?

There is a huge difference between learning under experts and teaching others. This is the time you are not performing under the safe shed. It is recommended, that before you start your yoga classes give yourself some alone time and keep practicing what you have learned so far. You will know your efficiency at that very moment.

The Best Part of Yoga is That Anyone Can learn Yoga.

Think about who you want to teach.

− Basic Learners/ Beginners
− Prenatal and postnatal
− Kids
− Special conditions

How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor with Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga (KSSOY)?

If you want to register with the Yoga Alliance, learning Level 1 is a must. If you are directly enrolling in the level 2 program, you must have completed the first level. Later once you have gain experience you can choose the program based on your interest, like, prenatal, kids or therapeutics to specialize in.

This is just part of the thoughts we do have about journeying into this field of education if you are interested in learning. Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga conducts a yoga teacher training in India and Internationally with the variety of yoga programs.


03 Oct,2016

Are You Ready To Become A Responsible Yoga Trainer

Are You Ready Yet To Become A Responsible Yoga Trainer

Before we move ahead on “How to teach yoga” understand that if you are teaching your students Yoga just to shape their bodies, this is just the peak of the iceberg  . I will tell you my story that “how I became a yoga teacher”? My students keep asking me this question and I answer them this, willing and love  to teach. Well, today I plan to tell the real path I followed to become a full-time yoga teacher.

People connect Yoga with body shape, but they forget that it actually has to give you a lot more than just a shape. Yoga teaches you self-mastery, rejoices your soul from inside and makes your aura full of positivity. According to the Shiva Sutras a very important scripture from Kashmir Shaivism, “for such a yogi pauseless effort brings about his attainment of god consciousness”

“Do not learn to teach yoga but learn to live yoga”. Turn it into your passion and see the changes happening around you.- According to Om Ji (Amit Raina).

How to Become A Yoga Teacher Trainer?

First of all set up your mind that whether you love to do yoga or just a temporary phase it is. in any case training for your own self-development is a sincere idea to observe where you are in the path, from which place of consciousness you are moving and acting daily Ask yourself this simple question while going to bed, “Do I really want to become a yoga teacher?”

Keep asking yourself this and follow these points until you find an answer;

Get up early in the morning. In the indian tradition, we believe that 5 to 6 in the morning is the best time to practice yoga. Get habitual of this time. At first, you will find these timings really odd and difficult to follow but gradually you will start loving the changes happening in your life. If you have students then motivate them for the morning session. They could make time in the morning without worrying about any daily chore or schedule. When a person is following or performing something stress-free it is a good sign.

Give your practice some alone time. In between the session, you will hardly get time to do the yoga for yourself. Give some time to yourself and perform it in the peace. Motivate your students as well to do yoga after the sessions are over or after hectic schedule at the office.

The Best Way to Become A Yoga Instructor

The best way to become a yoga instructor is to never let the praise and fame rule your head. By just teaching your students you can never move ahead with your own learning. Do not just get stuck in the teaching class. Keep learning , yoga is a very vast subject and is never ending, joining  workshops and more advance training monthly or yearly sessions will keep you aware of this sacred science field.

Let’s agree on it the moment when you decide to become a Yoga teacher all you want is to share your learning with the world, with this you are sharing a great way to peace with the people around you and in fact sowing seeds in hearts and minds. Nowadays people are in a dire need of inner satisfaction, inner peace, and soul rejuvenation. You are helping them get what they are looking for. initially while teaching them different Yoga postures make them aware of the meaning and benefit of it. They would definitely want to know the reason behind several steps and Asanas , then naturally they will start diving deeper in the philosophical, and anatomical aspects of yoga. Your speech should have a clear tone yet motivation. Keep visiting Yoga camps. It will help you meet new people. Follow the people you meet at the camp and let people follow you as well, this will increase your presence.

Updated your Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Before that understand your students. By this, we mean yoga training depends on the type, such as, pregnancy yoga, post-pregnancy yoga, kid’s yoga, etc. Yes, this is different from the regular training camps. In this, you will learn more than you had expected and in a specific way for each stage of life given you a specialization on it.  know what your students are looking for and what expectation they are carrying by joining your classes.

By following these steps you will definitely get to the conclusion of becoming a responsible yoga trainer. however this is just a brief description of some of the thoughts we do have, we will be sharing more aspects related to teaching yoga and the deeper aspects of it

Yoga Teacher Training By Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga:

Yoga Teacher Training By Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga

Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga conducts a yoga teacher training in India and Internationally with the variety of yoga programs including lectures on aspects of Indian culture, therapeutic benefits of yoga, yoga for women, kids yoga, Kashmir Shaivism meditation, dynamic and alignment asana practice.

Kashmir Shaivism School Of Yoga conducts 200, 300 hour yoga teacher training India. Registered Yoga School (RYS) and RPYS Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete an approved training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).


29 Feb,2016


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are one of the greatest contributions to yoga He was a great sage who systematized and organized the study and teachings of yoga. He is considered being the originator of yoga science. There is a saying in Sanskrit, “One who was born first, the first who came into manifestation, was the first teacher of yoga.” Patanjali was only the codifier of yoga science. He was a great yogi who practiced, who knew, and who made experiments. Patanjali was an enlightened being, a sage, who has given us yoga science for the benefit of all human beings.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are one of the greatest contributions to yoga He was a great sage who systematized and organized the study and teachings of yoga. He is considered being the originator of yoga science. There is a saying in Sanskrit, “One who was born first, the first who came into manifestation, was the first teacher of yoga.” Patanjali was only the codifier of yoga science. He was a great yogi who practiced, who knew, and who made experiments. Patanjali was an enlightened being, a sage, who has given us yoga science for the benefit of all human beings.


29 Feb,2016


Abhinavagupta called as mahamahesvara which precisely means the great devotee of Shiva or supreme self in shaivistic tradition. Was one of the most outstanding Acharyas of Shiva Philosophy. He lived in Kashmir about the end of 10 and the beginning of 11 Centuries, according to the references about him in Sri Tantralokah and Paratrimshika Vivarana, The traditional believe amongst Kashmiri Pandits is that Abhinavagupta was a living Bhairava ( Enlighten one) in the human form

Abhinavagupta has develop the idea that freedom for all miseries can be obtained by seeing Paramashiva in Everything and Everywhere, this freedom can not be achieved by renunciation of the world, the battle between Pandvas and Kaurvas ( bhagavad Gita) is actually the race between Vidya ( Knowledge) and Avidya ( Ignorance)

Abhinavagupta affirms the existence of the present and treats it not as a means but as an end itself. Living in the present, taking life as it comes, taming it by the strength of perception and cognition is a sound prescription for the strife- torn world even at present, when its restiveness can easily be converted into quiet calm of super soul.


Location and Course Dates Early Special Price Price Price with Accommodation Price
200 hrs - 1level Online/livestream 22 July to 19 September 2020 Wednesdays , Saturday’s and Sunday’s 5:00 pm india ( GMT + 5.5) Contact WhatsApp + 919797334752
Yoga for women ttc Online/ livestream 18 august to 27 October 2020 Tuesdays and Friday’s 5:00 pm india (GMT +5.5) Contact WhatsApp : +919797334752
Kids, youth and family ttc Yoga TTC ( online / livestream ) 17 august to 14 September 2020 Monday’s and Thursday’s Contact WhatsApp : +919797334752
Dharamshala (200 hrs- 1level yoga TTC ) 2 to 26 October 2020 Us 1200 Us 1400
Goa (kids and youth ttc / yoga for women ttc ) 2 January to 11 January 2021 US750 US$800
Goa , 300 hrs -2 level therapeutic applications of Restorative yoga 14 January to 16 february 2021 US$ 1700 US$ 2000
Goa ( 200 hrs - 1 level ) 19 February to 16 march 2021 US$1200 US$1400
Dharamshala ( 200 hrs- 1 level ) 2 April to 26 April 2021 US$1200 US$ 1400
Dharamshala ( 300 hrs - 2 level therapeutic applications of restorative yoga ) 2 may to 6 June 2021 US$ 1700 US$ 2000