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I feel much fit physically, my Joints are feeling better, I am mentally more relaxed and more focused than when i came here The Alignment has been very helpful I learnt to do the asanas correct, and in depth practice has been great. The philosophy has been new to me, also the energetic anatomy. I have been able to see that yoga has a lot of dimensions and feel fit to teach.
Anna, 40
200hrs YT Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga


In the physical level I feel strong , healthy, light, flexible ( extremely more flexible than prior to the course, on a mental level I feel more stillness in the mind, more focus less scattered thoughts, definitely more capable of meditating from an observer perspective more easily , Spiritually I have felt the most growth in this aspect . learning about Shaivism has enhanced my views on everything and every experience , I feel more joy, less suppression, more expression in life overall, seeing beauty inside out. I learn so many things from this course. Being discipline, devotion to waking up early! It feels amazing to rise with the sun and start the day with the kind of positivity you have shown us, words cannot describe the truly inspiring soulful lessons I have learned here. You have taught not only lessons on alignment and postures, but most importantly how to truly love the life we live. This is a quality that not every yoga teacher training program provides. Thank you for this Incredible experience – Much Love- Finding the beauty peace within is seeing the beauty outside
Christina ,31
California, USA
200hrs YT Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga


Thanks for everything, my self-confidence really changed. I’m happy about that. I had the experience to see goodness in different people and be together in this journey. My idea about life and how I can be happier is more clear.
Shima, 29
200hrs YT Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga


I have learned to see live from a different perspective and that is so important to have positivity for yourself and for others, I have learn a way of life , a way of leading , I learned proper alignment in the postures , I learned how to use tools in yogasanas, I learned that im able to sing the mantras on my own and that is very powerful , I got into philosophy and in the Sanskrit language, I like the way how you corrected our asanas, I experienced all the positive effects of pranayama I really like that part it was very interesting , After the training I feel so aligned / straight all the time . I realized that since the last week it is possible for me to sit in cross leg position without moving over more than 30 minutes , it feels so good , im walking more slow ,a lot of emotions got released especially during meditation practice, Im thinking much less , my mind really got calmed down by all this practice . and I feel so peaceful all the time. I never had such great feelings over a long period of time as I could experience here with you
Gunda, 24
200hrs YT Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga


Location and Course Dates Early Special Price Price Price with Accommodation Price
Module Cardiovascular, metabolic and digestive system Livestream 13 May to 6 June 2021’ Thursdays and Sundays +919797334752 signal- WhatsApp- telegram
Kids, youth and families yogattc *yoga alliance accredited 17 May to 2 June 2021 Monday’s , Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Contact WhatsApp : +919797334752
Prenatal and postnatal yogattc and feminine cycle 7 June to 19 July Monday’s , Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s +919797334752
Yoga and Ayurveda module part of 300 hrs Livestream 1 august to 26 august 2021 Thursday’s and Sunday’s
Back care, and physical conditions module part of 300 hrs 9 august to 1 September Monday’s and Wednesday’s
Module on headstand and shoulder stand Livestream 5 to 10 September
Dharamsala ( 300 hrs - 2 level yogattc at the foot hills of the Himalayas 15 September to 17 October 2021 US$1700 US$2500
Dharamshala ( 200 hrs- yogattc 1 level ) 22 October to 16 november 2021 US$1200 US$ 1400
Module yoga and mental health Yacep part of the 300 program 4 to 28 November 2021 Thursday’s and sundays Livestream / online Contact +919797334752